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Garden Maintenance and Garden Design in Woodley |
How our Landscapers Will Enhance Small Spaces

If your outdoor space is more on the quaint side, you might think your garden design options are limited. However, our landscapers at Blossoms Garden Care can install a range of features that will enhance smaller spaces. Patios and driveways can be laid to fit compact surfaces, and flowers can be hung from garden fencing to conserve floor space.

Petite spaces also require less garden maintenance, which is a great benefit for busy property owners in Woodley and the surrounding areas, who need their gardens in use and looking great all year round.

Some space-saving ideas include
Decking Chairs
Decking Patio
Garden fence
Water Feature
Outdoor BBQ

Considering Garden Uses

When you want to transform your outdoor space, consider keeping elements that already work well and installing features that will match the intended uses for the outdoor space. For homeowners, these uses may range from entertaining guests to enjoying an alfresco breakfast.

For businesses, an outdoor space will likely be used as an area for staff or customers to enjoy the outdoors as they take a break from work or socialise with friends.

Patios are ideal for this purpose. You can make the most of patios and driveways with our garden maintenance service, which will rejuvenate them to suit your needs.

Turf area driveways can double up as play spaces for homeowners or customers with young children, especially when our landscapers have installed secure garden fencing to create a safe barrier between the street and your property in Woodley or the surrounding areas.

Features that Maximise Space

Light-coloured paint and furniture options will give the illusion of a bigger patio. And choosing smaller benches or chairs will increase this effect.

Eye-catching plants and flowers breathe life into confined outdoor spaces. Some will need more sunlight than others. Our landscapers will plan accordingly during the garden design stage to ensure homeowners and businesses in Woodley and the surrounding areas are making the most out of their outdoor spaces.

During the garden design process, clients should decide which plants they would like based on the amount of time they can dedicate to basic gardening, the type of soil used in the garden, and the purpose the plants will serve.

Our trained professional will advise you on the most suitable options and can offer free quotations.

In a small space, don't forget to utilise walls and garden fencing for greenery. Climbing plants create a cosy environment and provide shade for the outdoor space.

Our landscapers can follow client plans for bespoke patios and decking areas to fit complex garden shapes, maximising space and functionality. All garden design can account for space-saving elements that will enhance the outdoor space and potentially increase property value or encourage customers to return.

The team’s garden maintenance service is available in Woodley and the surrounding areas; we handle the upkeep of many features, from the grass and hedges to patios and driveways.

Blossoms Garden Care will keep your outside space in a pristine condition, encouraging you to make the most of your garden.

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