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Garden Design

Garden Design in Woodley
and the Surrounding Areas from Experienced Landscapers

At Blossoms Garden Care, our landscapers offer a specialist garden design service to homeowners and businesses in Woodley and the surrounding areas. Our team supports clients as they choose from a wide range of themes and installations. We explain how best to transform, enhance or reconstruct the landscape. With over four decades of industry experience, you can rely on us to suggest the most suitable landscaping features to improve usability and leave your garden in a beautiful visual condition. We also offer related services in garden maintenance and garden fencing to complement our design work.

Throughout our design consultations, we will establish your requirements, provide free quotations and agree on an approximate timescale. Read our testimonials to find out more about our exemplary customer service.

Our landscapers can work alongside existing drawings and suggest more suitable adaptions where necessary.

New garden themes include
Formal Garden

Softscape Design

Attractive flower beds are the perfect feature to increase the visual appeal of your outdoor space. We design and build them, taking sunlight exposure and the location of other elements into consideration. The outdoor space should flow seamlessly in order to attract potential buyers and create a comfortable environment for customers or staff to relax and get some fresh air.

If you’re concerned about privacy, we can design tailored solutions to meet your needs. This may involve the strategic placement of privacy hedges to block the view from the street into your property. Our team can advise clients on the best seeds to plant for privacy all year round.

Even quality garden designs with well-built elements will eventually require our garden maintenance services. You can even schedule regular jobs and have us keep your garden in Woodley and the surrounding areas healthy throughout the year.

Hardscape Design

We deliver the highest standard of workmanship on all projects, starting with our thorough garden design process. Our landscapers will discuss everything before the project begins so you know what to expect and what is practical. For instance, when we install or replace garden fencing, we will first agree on an appropriate layout for your new outdoor space or blend materials with the existing structure.

Businesses will often opt for metal fencing since it forms a durable barrier of protection around the premises and business assets. But we can talk you through the benefits of a variety of materials during the design stage.

Our team of landscapers will work with small, large and complex gardens. We can always incorporate space-saving products in our designs, such as hooks and hanging pots for increased storage in greenhouses and sheds.

Sleepers will be designed to create clean boundaries between separate elements for a neat and tidy landscape, or they will be used to build flower beds.


We can plan the reconstruction of your old or damaged outdoor space. This involves correcting any issues and ensuring the design incorporates materials, colours and textures that blend with the exterior of your property in Woodley and the surrounding areas, creating a beautiful, balanced outdoor living space.

Blossoms Garden Care takes care of the garden design, so you can look forward to a stress-free project and tidy, usable outdoor space upon completion.

For garden design in Woodley and the surrounding areas, please contact us on 07966 627883.
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